Educatin4Ocean - help us build a school in Indonesia

Join us on a mission to build up a better educational environment for the kids in Lombok in Indonesia. We want to fulfil our friend's dream from Indonesia, who teaches local children the English language in her own home and spreads the love towards oceans and nature but lacks the means to create such a place.

How will we use collected money?

We aim to secure sufficient studying background for Indonesian kids to repair the building, equip the classroom with furniture, provide necessary study materials, and create a clean environment where kids can meet up and study regularly. We want to help the kids understand and build more accomodating relation towards local nature, teach them how to protect the natural world around them, deal with waste disposal efficiently, and fish sustainably because we believe in future generations.

How has the crowdfunding campaign on Hit hit started? 

We travelled to the Tanjung Luar village in Lombok for the first time four years ago. Our trips aimed to map the shark market. Sharks are regularly caught in this area because of their fins. Those are exported to Asia, mainly to China - just because locals like to eat shark soup. We also educate children and local people about ecology, sustainable fishing and waste management system.


On our last mission, which took place before the covid, we were lucky and met the wonderful woman Ivy. We found out that Ivy teaches several times a week at home in one of her two rooms, where she also cooks, sleep, e.t, teaches local children English. She also educates them in ecology and on how to love nature around them. She may be explaining to them that it is not the best way to clean the biscuit packaging into the ocean, that it is better to fish gently, not to destroy corals on coral reefs, not to catch young fish and not to catch dynamite at all. It is not suitable for street dogs to throw rocks or even pour hot water, and that the mangrove forests around the village must be protected. There is not enough time on these topics at public schools and no sufficiently educated teaching staff. There is not even a teacher at the school who can speak English.

In addition, children do not have sufficient facilities to learn. They only have a notebook, a pencil and a floor. Once, as we were sitting by the sea drinking coffee, Ivy confided in her dream. She would like to build a place where children can meet, learn and create after school. That is why we decided that we want to help her fulfil this and you can help us with that too!

                                                Výuka angličtiny u Ivy doma

Why is the Education4ocean project important in the Indonesian village of Tanjung Luar?

Tanjung Luar village is known for its huge fish market and especially shark market. An average of 60 sharks dies at this place every day, about 22,000 a year. Each shark is cut off its fins, which travel to China, where they are used to cooking a popular and very expensive soup. The Chinese thus prove their social status. The rest of the shark fishermen sell the meat as unknown fish meat to local warung and then produce oils for better immunity or cosmetics from shark livers.

At the market, you will find, among other things, coral fish, swordfish, tuna and many other marine species, many of them endangered or even protected, such as hammerhead and mako shark species. For someone who loves the oceans, it is like a walk on the battlefield. We know that fishing is one of the few livelihoods of the local population, but we have found that the locals have little money from shark fishing, and the money goes mainly to traffickers.


Unfortunately, overfishing is not the only problem in Tanjung Luar village. Plastic pollution and the associated lack of education is also a huge problem. In most places in Lombok, there is no waste management as in our country in the Czech Republic. Locals often have only a few options for handling the waste - incinerate the waste, throw it into the ocean or nature. Often the option of throwing waste in the sea is the easiest for them. The ocean is just a few steps from the house.

At the same time, the village has a huge potential for nature protection. There are extensive mangroves and coral reefs around the village, essential ecosystems for both the villagers and marine and terrestrial species.

We believe that building a school is an ideal project for a crowdfunding campaign, as anyone who contributes minimally will become part of a large community that will forever be connected to the lives of local children (and nature).

Anička, Adam, Nikola, Terka, and Dáša thank you from the heart of the Be Sea core team.

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