Can art save the oceans? Shredding waste is not enough and Anna Milerová launched the Be Sea project

Student and graphic artist Anna Miler from Jaroměř in the free time "saves" the oceans.

She invented the Be Sea project, in which she connected the art world with ecology. Originally, he wants to help reduce the volume of plastic waste in the oceans.

At the microphone of Český rozhlas Hradec Králové, Anna Milerová from Jaroměř is with us today. And we will talk about how it is possible to save the world's oceans from the Low Countries. Aničko, can we imagine you a little more? How did you get to save the seas and oceans?
So I got to do it somehow freely. I've loved the oceans since I was little. When we were traveling with my parents in Croatia to Makarska, I was in the water all day and in the evening I did not want to shower so I could still feel the salt water. And this love grew in something more when I started to dive a few years ago. I began to watch the ocean somewhat differently and to perceive it differently. I began to realize how the ocean was strong, but on the other hand vulnerable.

And that brought you the thought of helping you a little?
Think otherwise, it's all about it. When one can, I think he must. And that's why I started with a project to help and save the world's seas and oceans.

Are you going to dive somewhere in the summer again?
I am now going to the states in Sri Lanka and Bali. Not just dive, but we want to help there, there are some diving schools and organizations that try to work with the local people and handle the garbage. We would like to engage in this and, perhaps, build further cooperation within our project.




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