For the rescue of the Arctic


Our goal is to slow down Global Warming and to declare the Arctic as a nature reserve. It will be protected from oil companies, fishermen and all the traps of man.

First of all, Global Warming, Global Warming, is one of the biggest problems of today, we probably do not have to stress it. Specifically, for the Arctic this means the highest degree of load.

However, the temperature changes will not only affect the Arctic and its inhabitants, but also coral reefs, more about the impact of Global Coral Warming, in our article on Coral Reef Threats.

Of course, warming the planet is a natural thing, but it should occur gradually, slowly. Human activity Global warming accelerates and deepens its impacts. In short and well, nature can not adjust to this pace.

The biggest impact on climate change is clearly the consumption of fossil fuels, wood harvesting in rainforests, but also the intensive and massive farming of livestock.

This generates huge amounts of greenhouse gases, which naturally occur naturally in the atmosphere, but it is increasing to an acceptable level in the atmosphere, and this causes the greenhouse effect and, as a result, global warming.

What are those greenhouse gases?
These are the gases that act as glass tables of the real greenhouse around our planet. Then he holds the heat in the greenhouse (on our planet) and does not let him out into the universe and that logically causes the warming of our Earth.

The most common greenhouse gas that is produced as a result of human activity is as different as carbon dioxide (CO2), and the amount of man in the atmosphere has increased by up to 40%! Well, it all fits in, cars, huge factories - the amount of oxide, the rainforest felling - less oxygen, more oxide. Everything wrong.

Další skleníkové plyny jsou např. Methan, oxid dusný, fluorované plyny

Největší hrozby Arktidy

1. Global warming - it's over and over again, but it's like human activity is accelerating the warming of the planet. Do you remember February 2018? Thermometers showed temperatures up to -15 ° C, but the Arctic was over zero!

2. Commercial fishing - around the Arctic there is a large number of endangered fish species. In particular, the Russians and Ukraine here, but they planted a plankton. Its massive catches devastate the entire ecosystem. These small crustaceans are an essential part of the ocean food chain; without plankton there will be no whales, seals, nor seabirds. Without the seals there will be no bears.

3. Extraction of minerals - oil, coal and natural gas. Huge wealth is found throughout the Arctic. Mining is banned directly on the Arctic, but not quite in its neighborhood. This is a huge attraction for a company like Shell.

4. Seismic Explosions - Every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will wreak havoc with the Arctic. Guns are fired at the seabed to locate the oilfield. Sign a petition about the abolition of this absurd miscarriage of the fragile Arctic.


Artic National reservation

In the 1970s, only a small part of today's ANWR was forever defined as an inviolable wilderness, ten years later, protection was extended to other territories.

In January 2015, US President Barack Obama presented a proposal to extend this highest protection, which should be extended to 97% of the Arctic National Nature Reserve, which again provoked a number of disagreements, from the side of oil and mining companies. You are constantly trying to circumnavigate the borders of the National Art Reserve

Fortunately, efforts to expand the nature reserve are continuing. For example, the SAVE ARCTIC project, thanks.

Polar bears

Polar Bear King of the North, King of the Arctic. Beautiful majestic animal. He has been on earth for more than 200,000 years, but now he is seriously threatened with extinction.

His home, his Arctic almost disappears before his eyes. Bears are hungry today, and we have found a few dead people. The cause of death was clear. Starvation.

If polar bears disappear, dolphins, elephants, lions will disappear. We can not do that.

Bears, but we can help, have created such a bear promise that spreads all over the world. This promise to polish bears was also supported by the Prague ZOO. It's actually such a list of simple rules that have a single goal to mitigate Global Warming.

Promise to polar bears


Arctic Residents - A tribe, living in accordance with Arctic rules from time immemorial.

Now their culture and their lives are threatened. Continuous Seismic Explosions, Global Warming, Massive Fishing. All this threatens local residents who live in harmony with the soil and the Arctic Sea for thousands of years. They are, however, determined to fight for the preservation of their sustainable culture. They need, but our help!

The North Queen, the Arctic is seriously threatened, and with it all its inhabitants, bears, seals, walruses, whales, Inuit. Everyone lived in accordance with the laws of this cruel but very fragile place. Everyone lived in harmony and humility. Until we appeared. "Advanced civilization" and did not start their home destruction.

We must still realize that if we destroy the Arctic we are seriously threatening the world.



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